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Multidisciplinary Field Decentralized Applications and Protocol Aggregator.

Get access to best Decentralized Applications, innovations and, protocols in the multidisciplinary field from a single portal.

Intuitive User Interface For Easy participation Advanced Analytics to help users to make smart decisions.

Intelligent Token Design and Incentives to leverage utility of one field with another from a single place.

Our Mission

Payzus mission is to tailor out the best technologies, innovations, and protocols brewing in the field of Decentralized Technologies and create a unique recipe out of it by abstracting away (removing) all its complexities and simplifying it with an easy user interface.

We aim to bring innovation through intelligent token design and governance with the intention to help mass adoption of decentralized technologies worldwide. This platform is our sincere effort to help the world to become more decentralized through technology.

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Our Defi Platform


You are in control of your Keys and Assets All the Time.

Access to Advanced DEFI Analytics, Manage your portfolio, Swap Tokens, Lend or Borrow Assets, Get Insured, Automate your Portfolio and Trading Strategy, take out Flash Loans access the tools to farm the high Yield, access to derivative markets, and access various other Popular DEFI protocols from a common Simple User Interface.

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Get Paid and Incentivize

For Teachers Creating and Publishing high-quality Online educational courses For Moderators Curating and moderating the list of High Quality educational courses For Students For Completing the courses.

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Fractional Tokenization

Tokenize your property and sell into the market of any desired fraction amount Do not have a lot of money to invest in real estate? Now access a portion of it or the amount you can afford via Fractional Tokenization. Worldwide Liquidity Tap into a global customer base

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Our Team

Raajessh kashyap is an Entrepreneur, Investor, International Speaker, and a Blockchain Enthusiast . Having 6+ years work experience of handling projects in different domains of Blockchain Working on building a protocol that overcomes the various critical problems with blockchain technology such as time, cost, scalability, and cross chain transfer of blockchain assets while making cryptocurrencies suitable for mass adoption in day-to-day transactions.

Raajessh kashyap
CEO & Founder

I’m a strategist, storyteller, and leader on a mission to motivate and inspire others. My journey has taken me from high risk in foster care to high potential in the Decisions of Payzus.

Rose Kattimani

Connecting the Dots ! Affaque Ahmed is the Founder of XIFAQ, one of the world's fastest platform for fund raising and investing right in startups and firms. Connecting these dots in just fraction of minutes.

Affaque Ahmad

About Payzus Token

"PZS" is basically an ERC-20 token, which would be used to govern the Defi Platform in near future.
As a holder/owner of "PZS" tokens, you will have the following benefits/powers.

  • To propose updates/solutions and decisions for the growth of Defi Platform.
  • Vote on those proposals. Greater the amount of PZS token you hold, more the voting power you will have.
  • Decide and Manage the issuance of PayZus Utility Tokens
  • Stake "PZS" tokens to earn PZS-Utility Tokens
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You’ve Any Questions?

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What is Payzus Defi Platform?

Payzus is a multi-purpose Defi platform that manages digital assets. It is an ecosystem that provides varieties of Defi services like lending, borrowing, swap, provides market stats such as Live ERC-20 stats, Metrics, Token exchange, Automate Trading, Access Derivative Markets and, insurance, etc. You can look at it as a Defi bank that allows you to integrate your services to serve your purpose.

What is payzus octopus?

Payzus octopus platform is a multipurpose & user-friendly platform that features a powerful set of tools for seamless user experience. It is one of the most secure and transparent financial ecosystems we have built.

Why Payzus?

Payzus ecosystem helps the user to manage their assets on their own. It is an open-source, permissionless, and transparent financial service ecosystem that operates without any central authority and available to everyone worldwide.

How can I get Fund Security?

Payzus has a mechanism that ensures that you will never lose your hard-earned money. Payzus token assures that your funds are stable & safe. Meaning, if in the future the price of pzs token decreases on other exchanges, the price of PZS token will remain constant on the (Payzus) platform at the price you bought the token your initial investment amount will be stable. Thus, there is no risk and loss.

How to redeem Payzus Tokens?

You can easily redeem your 100% money and directly convert pzs token into Usdt and transfer that amount to your wallet. You can also sell the PZS token on other exchanges to earn a good profit.

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The global financial market of the decentralized world is growing exponentially & becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

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The cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing rapidly worldwide. Digital currencies are unlocking new digital age and generating countless opportunities across the globe.

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Crypto currency now has become a global phenomenon in the world, although much is still to be learned about this developing technology.

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Innovating Via Simplicity

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